Arneo is an ethical and innovative project that rocks its roots first in a long family history of ice-cream masters and then in the solid lands of the culture of Salento. A story we want to tell, preserve and renew.Respecting tradition and men who have devoted their lives to search for refinement of taste.

The current issue of food intolerance has indicated this direction to us.
Ice cream is naturally gluten-free food, but the most common intolerance is that of cow's milk. If we wanted to bring the Spumone into our present time we had to make a milk-free ice cream, which would allow that dome of past pleasure to renew and survive.

Our attempt to preserve history by bringing it into the present and future is obviously not just related to the problem of intolerance. Our present tells us that the market has gradually consumed the quality of what we eat and of our lives. The idea of maximum profit has eroded the nature and dignity of men, that the welfare society in which we live is being damaging and without any ethics.
Using “kilometre zero” (biological  products from only local farmers and producers) raw materials has meant turning to our territory, meaning small crops, small producers, it means quality, but not just that, it means believing that our small markets bring wealth and do not subtract it as it does great distribution.
We wanted to give a story to what we do so that our product is not an indifferent commodity for producers' stories and consumer health so that it is not indifferent to the idea that it is possible to live differently without exploiting the world, animals and men.
Our dessert is good because it's tasty, because it's genuine because it's ethical.