Spumone dried figs and cupeta






It’s like a story,

like calling back a memory from the past. I remember the smell of family and celebrations; the cold of the winter around the multicolored scarves, the joy of us, children of the past, the heat coming from the stove and the smell of cinnamon and sweets. 


In Grandma’s kitchen the desserts were always on the higher shelf, too high. Those in the glass jar, the ones with the color of the earth and the taste of last summer

I remember  Grandma’s wrinkled hand becoming smaller to enter the jar and with the fingertips gently separates a dried fig from the other. Remembering how sparingly she gave us the fig.

Smell of toasted almonds and freshly made nougat, crumbs and leftovers and the intense and bitter taste of fig cooked wine and the smell of good things.


Today, beeing an adult,

the memory of the link between those smells and flavours is still there and gives us images of our past.


Sharing this memory makes it sweeter and ensures that it does not disappear consumed by time.


That’s the story why we chose the Spumone figs and cupeta.

We certainly could not forget our grandmothers and their desserts. We have combined many passions in a single-portion ice-cream dessert: dried figs, the cupeta, the mastery of our artisans, the passion and love of the grandmothers of Salento. It is a perfect dessert both for the heat of August and for winter evenings.